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Sustainability Content


Vastrado began with an ambition to make fashionable, quality and life- enhancing clothes for people at the right price. Many of the social, economic, and environmental challenges that we all face are now more urgent than ever.

As we move on from one generation to next, guided by our ambition and our passion to create fashion, we continue to innovate and increase our efficiency to make a positive difference to the people and the planet.

We don’t do things by halves. This is a challenge we are all in. Together.

Our Values

  • Provincially-made:
  • We opt for provincially-made products, by making a choice of picking products manufactured in a certain area, or locally. This proves to be more transparent, helps identify the source better and reduce the carbon footprint. The ‘VocalForLocal’ campaign suggests that we produce products that are global brands and we are here for it!

    All our products are made in India from start to finish. It is all 100% provincial. Reduces our carbon miles big time.

  • Zero-waste:
  • We use a lot of sustainable sources of fabric in our factory to make clothes. It reduces waste, reduces emissions!

    We at Vastrado, ensure nothing goes to trash and hence the waste generated is minimal.

  • 100% Vegan:

No leather, no wool, no fur. Not using animal products reduces greenhouse gas emissions. (And is just the right thing to do too, no?)

What does all this add up to? A low, low footprint!

#Every product you buy from Vastrado will now remove more CO2 from the air than it creates to make it, ship it, and even wash & wear it.


  • Vastrado is determined to curate a platform for ethically-crafted products. At Vastrado, we believe in plummeting to the core of the brand. We devote an ample amount of time and research to verifying the credibility of each product.
  • Our brand accurately explains our foundation principle- A keen eye for design & detail combined with ethical production practices.
  • We launch new collection every week, with a very limited stock and add more quantities only on your demand. This keeps our brand exclusive and customers, the fashionista.
  • What can you do to support Fashion sustainability?

  • Knowledge is power, so we can talk about tips that will make your contribution in sustainability.
    1. Take care of your clothes: Ensure your clothes last long as possible by not over washing them (which will also lower your CO2 emissions and water consumption), as well as repairing them instead of throwing them away.
    2. Wash smart: Save water and energy by not washing your denims again and again. Keep it unwashed but hygienic. This will save your time and energy.
    3. Ensure that your clothes have a second life: Reselling your clothes or organising a clothes swap is the best way to ensure they’ll have a second life, as well as donating them to the organisations looking for used clothes. For wornout pieces, look for recycling ideas where possible.

    We are already doing a lot, but there is a lot more to do.

    Here’s our roadmap for further emission reductions:

    • Using herbal and natural dyes.
    • Making our clothes 100% bio-compostable.
    • Make more and more zero waste clothing.
    • Build a circular economy for our clothing & packaging.
    • Make clothes from recycled & even regenerative cotton.
    • Switch to solar power for our office & store.
    • Tree plantation initiatives to contribute in the climate fight.
    • We wont kid you- all our efforts may not be enough for the climate fight.
    • If every company in the world were #planetpositive, we’d see unprecedented investment into climate solutions. Investments at a scale that could restore the climate. And that would be a bright sunny day for all of us, no?
    • At Vastrado, we’re not big on trends. We want you to wear our pieces for years. That’s why we source the finest materials and factories for our timeless products.
    • Our Promise- We are happy to continue making and selling 100% vegan material, fairtrade supply chain, planting trees- ’all cos of your undying support!